Wasim Jaffer has recommended the possibility of two new balls to begin with in Test cricket after the ICC prohibited the utilization of spit in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A month ago, the Anil Kumble-drove ICC board restricted the utilization of salivation to sparkle the ball, and Jaffer feels his thought could be a route forward to guarantee a harmony among bat and ball.

“I proposed that in Test coordinate you could utilize two new balls, that is one thing that can occur. Most likely the custodians can make a wicket which is in any event, for both batsmen and bowlers, not very batting or bowling amicable,” Wasim Jaffer said during an Instagram Chat with his managers ‘Indian Oil’.

The choice to boycott salivation exploits from quick bowlers, who bank on it to keep one side of the ball gleaming with the goal that converse swing could be produced later in the innings. The ICC has been thinking about the utilization of a fake substance as a trade for spit since sweat may not demonstrate as successful.

Wasim Jaffer added ICC in his comment

“The ICC has thought of an answer of not utilizing the salivation, or things like that. For bowlers it will be difficult to not utilize salivation, and not sparkle the ball. At that point I think, it will be part simpler for batsmen,” Wasim Jaffer included.

“Once more, ICC should ensure that the parity stays really equivalent for batsmen and bowlers and you would prefer not to make it uneven for anybody of them.”


Refering to a model, Wasim Jaffer clarified how the new guidelines might be precarious for players to deal with once cricket continues in max speed. “While this pandemic is near, it is never going to be anything but difficult to anticipate on what will occur” he said.

“It will be intriguing. Cricket is certainly not a physical game, yet in the changing area, you sit close, while you are going to handle you make a group and the commander talks, gives you a propelling talk, it’s exceptionally difficult to keep up that separation. Toward the finish of an over, batsmen approach and talk together, it is difficult to follow those things and recall each one of those things in a serious game.”


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